Refresh Your Wardrobe with Resale

So when did I fall in love with consignment and thrift shopping? I was in college, and I stumbled over my first consignment store. At the time, I was working in retail.

I remember working in one high-end store where we delicately handled the new designer collections. That was until the season ended, and those same clothes were thrown over the racks like yesterday’s hand-me-downs.

I asked myself, what made the value of those clothes different today than when they first arrived in the stores? The only thing that made them different was the hype.

Today, purchasing designer resale is more valuable than the trendy clothing being put out because the quality is much better. Some of today’s clothing seems to be more cheaply made.

Online sales by top thrifter make quality garments even more accessible—stylish moderators selling top-of-the-line clothing for extremely low prices.

One of my favorite Facebook Live thrift sellers is fashion icon, Debbie Norrell, host of A Look Not a Label. I have been purchasing clothes from her wardrobe even before she became an award-winning thrifting personality.

Above is a jacket I purchased from one of Debbie’s thrifting episodes. The suit on the lower right is a channel that costs thousands. My tweed jacket can be worn from fall to early spring. I am sporting a heavier wool skirt and winter hat for the colder seasons. I transitioned into spring by adding a cream skirt and a spring hat.

Here are just a few things that you will find in our closet. Click on the link to see more and get more details:


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