Make Sure You Include Meditation as a Part of Your 2020 Vision: Relax, Reset, Release

Relax, Reset, Release — Meditation is an All-Purpose Resource.

Isn’t it great when something that’s so beneficial is also easy?

And free?

Meditation can help with so many issues I think of it as an all-purpose resource. The best part is that you can implement this today. No special course or materials or training necessary.

The easiest way is to focus on your breath.

Pause right where you are. Close your eyes if you can and pay attention to your nose, mouth, and chest as air flows in during your inhale.

How does it feel?

How far back into your body can you trace the sensation?

Do the same thing as you exhale.

Even a few minutes will calm your mind, lower your respiration, and can even lower blood pressure and reduce the stress hormone cortisol in your blood stream. How amazing is that? If you do this often, your body will start to recognize the “calming” sensation and start to do these things even faster.

Five Key Benefits of Meditation

  1. It reduces stress. It will help quiet the mind and bring you back to the center or a feeling of grounded-ness.
  2. It improves concentration. Regular meditation will help when it’s time to focus on critical tasks and important moments. Some people even report improved memory and an improved ability to multi-task.
  3. It encourages healthy practices. Meditation can be used to help with a change in habits like smoking cessation. It also can replace other coping practices that are less healthy.
  4. Increased self-awareness. Regular meditators start noticing when the feeling of calm isn’t present and can often stop what can become a stress response when angry, or frustrated.
  5. Slows aging. Sara Lazar, a researcher at Harvard, reports that meditation changes the physiology of our brains. In essence, gaining more brain cells. These changes combined with less stress and lower blood pressure can slow aging compared to those who do not use meditation.

I encourage you to try meditation as a way to slow down and give your body and mind a rest. Even just 5 minutes a day will have an impact on how you feel.

Meditation is a great way to help with sleep issues as well. You can use guided meditations that are designed to help you relax, calm your mind and get a great night’s sleep.

Here are two that I recommend.

Meditation for sleep – Jason Stephenson

Meditation Mini by Chel Hamilton

Add meditation to your day. Start with 5 minutes with your coffee. When you find yourself in a moment of being overwhelmed or anxious, stop, take a breath and allow your body and your mind to come back to a calm center.

I promise you’ll feel better.

by Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson

Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson is an Expert Self-Care Soul Success Strategist who empowers and trains those who know about self-care practices but do not properly apply what they know. She provides this service using unique applicable conscious living strategies found in The Soul Success System™ to combat stress, burnout, mental instability, control dramas, and past history that hinders progress for the benefit of professional and personal success. Visit her at,, or call (614) 638-3396.


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