Your Self-care At Home

Each year we choose an issue relating to women  to focus on throughout the year. This year we have chosen, “self-care.” With so much adversity going on in this world that is beyond our control, we need to focus on those issues that really matter as it pertains to our personal well-being and the actions that impacts our quality of life.

Many of us are now seeking ways to escape the reality that lies ahead of us. Pretending that something does not exist does not make it go away.

We have to find coping mechanisms that does not include generating undue stress, which can lead to other medical and mental problems.

There are so many benefits to taking better care of ourselves. So often we just don’t seem to make the time to implement a self-care plan. 

We define self-care as anything you can do to be better and feel better emotionally, mentally, psychologically and, of course, physically. Whether you want to simply spend a day with yourself and enjoy a lunchtime getaway, a trip to the spa, a staycation where you find local spots in your area to venture on your own, a group getaway with friends, or you simply spend the day scheduling your physical exams and other medical appointments…your care matters.

No longer will we be caught in the need-to-please mindset, while we compromise our own needs, wants  or desires.

Be good to yourself!

Through both our Onyx Woman business site and YSW lifestyle blog, we intend to share stories, advice, tips and resources on how you can make self-care a priority in your life. In addition, we plan to spotlight women who have made creating self-care activities a way of life.

We recommend that you engage in self-care activities that makes your life as fulfilling as you would want it to me. Stop putting yourself last.


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