Self-Care While in Quarantine – Pampering Matters

Self-care has always been a debatable topic, especially amongst women. We all want it and wishes it upon ourselves, but often have excuses on how EVERYTHING has to be done before you at least paint your fingernails. Regardless of the reasons, today is the right time to begin a self-care regimen for yourself. COVID-19 have left folks having mental breakdowns, experiencing depression, and are struggling to cope with others and themselves. So, self-care is no longer an option but is a life or death action that must be pursued.

  1. Eat breakfast to increase metabolism

It was easier to remember breakfast when we were getting up and leaving the house every day. Now, we have to be intentional a have to make it intentional, as eating breakfast will fuel our minds and body towards having a productive day. Yes, a productive day, because we still need to have those types of days despite quarantine. Keeping your metabolism at its peak will not only prevent weight gain but also fight against mood swings and depression.

  1. Get your Vitamin D

Make sure your body is getting its daily Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine” vitamin. Vitamin D deficiency has a direct correlation with depression. In 2013, a meta-analysis research study by Cambridge University noticed participants with depression also had low levels of vitamin D.

Although there is a global shutdown, we can still get fresh air as long as we are not around other persons that can infect us with the virus. So, take a walk, or sit on your front porch and absorb yourself in the rising sun which is providing you with the needed vitamin D to fight depression.

  1. Have spa time-outs

Take the time to treat yourself to spa indulgences. Carve 1-2 hours out of your day, imagine it to be an extended lunch – if you were at the office, soaking your feet, your hands, painting your nails, or massaging your scalp. You can put on some relaxing music or an audiobook to set your mind on positivity. Release the stress that you may have experienced before you started, and the future thoughts of the stress that you may return to. Treat this time as a rewarded, sacred, timeslot for yourself that you will enjoy – no matter what.

  1. Have video chats with friends

There is nothing better than having lunch or an early dinner with some friends after work. You still need this, even while in quarantine. Thankfully, we have video conferencing software like Zoom, which doesn’t have to be used just for business. Schedule friend group chats after work, or on the weekends. Have a virtual girl’s night out with music and cocktails. Social distancing doesn’t mean NOT to be social. It just means geographically, there must be separation. Virtual meetings are fully vetted. So have fun!

5. Have a Plan

Build your own personal self-care regimen and intentionally carry it out during this time. If you need some accountability, pass this post along to one of your friends and challenge each other to do it together. Listen, this is not just for fun but could be saving your life and the lives of others. We’re in a heavy-hearted time, and we all must overcome.

Tell us how you are thriving while under quarantine.


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