Shopping on a Shoestring

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Shopping on a Shoestring
Ellen Tracey Jacket

The same skirt you wear under a business jacket can be worn for evening; now that versatility.

Shopping on a Shoestring

Shopping on a Shoestring
The Back of the Ellen Tracy jacket

You know that jacket I purchased for $4.99

Shopping on a Shoestring

Shopping on a Shoestring

Shopping on a Shoestring









I remember many years ago, when going to the Goodwill to buy clothes was a little taboo. It meant you really didn’t have the money to shop elsewhere and you certainly didn’t broadcast your purchases.

Wow, have things changed. Now, some of the most fashionable, stylish people I know are savvy enough to go hunting down some of the most chic, gently worn, inexpensive garments you may ever see.

My own shopping theory is, “Why should I have to pay regular price when I can ‘post-purchase’ someone else’s items?”

Yes, I call it “post-purchasing.” The stores pre-purchase, the original buyer purchases, and I “post-purchase.”

When the original purchaser has had their wear and is ready to surrender for a good cause, that leaves me with the opportunity to build on my own wardrobe for a fraction of the price.

I have some criteria for my selections:

  • . I have to actually be able to use the garment
  • . It must be in good condition
  • . The price has to be right

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