Signs You May Need an Image Consultant



Image Consultant Sonia Mckoy Founder of Style Management Experience

Imagine life with an Image Consultant

Have you experienced any of these situations?

(a) Attending a special event and you want to be outstanding?

(b)  A significant life transition and you want a complete makeover to feel and look your best?

(c) Stuck in a time warp and you’re ready for a change?

Usually, when we’re gifted with these exciting opportunities and experiences our excitement quickly turns into panic; we become overwhelmed then stress over how to reach our goals. We may have an idea about what we want to accomplish, but clueless about where to start; or how to manage our time, and wished we could call a professional.

Now, imagine a body of professional Certified Image Consultants available to become your biggest asset, cheerleader, and advocate who quickly becomes your trusted confidant and consultant, and coaches you through challenging situations. They are knowledgeable, well connected with other industry professionals, and can provide resources to transform your appearance, modify your behavior, and update your communication skills and digital presence allowing you to be outstanding on both long and short goals.

As experts in their field,  a good image consultant shows you how to stay relevant and current in a fast-changing world, help you define and set achievable goals, create strategic plans, and implement decisive steps and timeframes to help you become successful.

They are disciplined and will help you to stay focused, accountable, and responsible for succeeding in your goals because they believe in your success. What if I told you that investing in an image consultant pays a dividend; because it saves you time and money in the long run?

Hiring a Certified Image Consultant means you are ready to transform your life with someone who will assess your overall image including your lifestyle, personality, and budget to provide the best services for you. You will learn about your signature styles, the importance of having a wardrobe with functional items to wear rather than “lots” of clothes and nothing to wear.  You will gain a knowledgeable personal shopper and learn about the latest trends to embrace. They will connect you with industry professionals who will offer you their best services to enhance and update your look.


You will learn positive communication skills, appropriate body language, and correct etiquette to be outstanding in your interactions. These skills will help you make an excellent first impression whether you are transitioning from personal to professional, or from social to formal situations seamlessly. Including an image consultant into your support team means you will always have someone who wants you to reach your goals and beyond. Their focus will be on you and your needs, not on their personal agenda.

Here are further clues you need to hire an image consultant

  1. If you care about your appearance and consider yourself  “attractive”,  but receive little or no compliments when you dress up and go out -you need to call an image consultant because we can turn heads at any age.
  2. If you regularly stand before your closet full of clothes , but you feel you have nothing to wear -you need an image consultant’s help.
  3. If your skin looks dull when you wear certain colors and you dress mainly in gray, black, or white -you need to schedule a color consultation immediately to discover your best colors to make your skin glow.
  4. If you’re unhappy about your appearance because you recently lost or gained weight, but continue dressing like you did before your transformation -call an image consultant.
  5. If you have poor communication skills, which affects your professional and personal life -call an image consultant.
  6. If you have low self-confidence and a low self-esteem in your appearance-an image consultant can help you.
  7. If you lack social media presence and you feel left behind, call an image consultant because they wear many hats and can help you.

Image Consultant Sustainable Tips

  1. Remember, your image is your visual resume; be neat and polished because you only get a few moments to make a first impression. Make your appearance speak for you. Present yourself the way you wish others to see you.
  2. Choose neutral colors for basic pieces, and fashion colors and prints for blouses and accessories.
  3. Review your wardrobe yearly to declutter and donate unused items.
  4. Keep your body balanced by doing a yearly cleanse for 7-21 days; The Clean Program is my all time favorite cleanse.
  5. Create the life you wish for yourself by embracing well-being.
  6. Remember, our experiences can be overwhelming that sometimes we need assistance.
  7. Social media is a gift and is fun, set some time aside to learn how to use the sites. Free webinars, YouTube videos, and tutorials are available that can help you.
Image Consultant Sonia Mckoy, 
MBA, Certified Image Consultant, AICI Member
Founder and Vice President of Style Management Experience  
Purposeful Personal Styling Experience | Workshop Presenter | Public Speaker |
Embracing Life Transition Coaching 







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