Sister Power: They Put Heels Over Haters!

Photo by Leah Loves That Photography!

Nineteen-year-old Bria and 18-year-old Maia Williams spend a lot of time together. They are more than just sisters, they are best friends who model together, have similar college majors, and they have decided to become business partners.

Bria Williams

Bria is enrolled at CCAC and will be enrolling in Point Park to major in Musical Theater. When she is not studying, you can find her working as a lifeguard at several pools around the city.

In her efforts to hone her broadcast and marketing skills, Maia will attends Carlow University where she studies  Communications. She also writes a column for the Your Stylish Ways Blog, specifically penning stories for their YSW Millennial column, a spin-off of Onyx Woman magazine, where she shares trends, fashion, and lifestyle issues relating to the millennial population.

Bria Williams

The sisters’ similarities don’t just stop there; both girls were victims of bullying in school the experience had their mom opting to educate them via an online school, PA leadership Charter School.

Out of their experience came the creation of Heels Over Haters, a T-shirt business that came about as a result of the girls’ desire to empower other victims of bullying. The connection with shoes came about as the girls discussed the fact that females love shoes, and if another woman dissed a girl for having a fabulous pair of shoes then she must be a “hater.”

Their T-shirts are more than just a fashion statement. The shirts are about a message and a mission, a mission to spread the word about the effects of bullying and to address the impact. Bria created the logo, they registered the business, and then they trademarked the name

Their next step is to develop other products under their trademark and speak to young people throughout the country. They turned a bad situation into a business model and a lifelong mission.

You can see the shirts at:

Instagram: @hohproductions

Twitter: @HeelsOverHaters

Facebook: @HeelsOverHaters

Google: @HeelsOverHaters

To help kick-start their business, they set up a GoFundMe account at:

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