Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard 2018

Photo Credit: Debbie Norrell


Looking for a way to extend the summer? Join Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard for a last minute vacation. After 12 years of hosting women for a relaxing and rejuvenating week on the Vineyard, host Connie Portis will soon be moving on to explore new ventures.

Sisters and Friends Getaway is comprised of women from around the country who share a week together exploring Martha’s Vineyard, participating in workshops, joining in book discussions, and networking with sisterfriends. Portis says, “Women come, all ages, and at varying stages in life. They come as strangers and leave as lifelong friends.”
More than 150 women will participate this year.
The first week, September 9-16, has already filled with women from as far away as California and Alaska. Space is available the second week, September 16-22. The women are all ages and at varying stages in life.
In addition to Tedder’s presentation, discussion titles include “Our Voice, Our Activism” with Valerie McDonald-Roberts, former Pittsburgh City Council member and “Glam 101” led by cosmetologist and makeup artist Shakita Hollis-Poag.
With times so tough and many wanting to save and forgo vacations, this is the perfect opportunity to get away, experience a wonderful place, and join with other women while not spending a lot of money. During the weeks, Portis promises a tutorial session on how to plan, market, and grow a Sisters and Friends type getaway.
Noting that women’s retreats are on the rise, and becoming increasingly necessary, here are five benefits for attending girlfriends’ getaway:
#1 – See yourself in others. When women come together in a relaxed atmosphere they share more and are often relieved to find others with similar challenges.
#2 – Physical Reaction. According to a UCLA study, when women spend time with friends, hormonal changes occur from the bond of friendship and from being in a safe environment to share and de-stress.
#3 – Lifts Burdens. A gathering of women often evolves into significant testimonies resulting in releasing anxieties as sisterfriends listen, understand, and cheer them on.
#4 – Share Fix It Strategies. “What would you do?” is likely asked and answered more often by a female. In a comfortable setting, women offer ways to handle issues and won’t hold back in sharing advice on how to handle yours!
#5 – Take A Way. Reflecting on new approaches to challenges equips women with tools of inspiration when time away is over.
“Most of all, girlfriends’ getaways are fun,” states Connie Portis, host of Sisters & Friends Getaway.
For more information, visit or contact Connie Portis at (412) 400-8809.

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