Sisters and Friends Getaway

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Bring your warm spirit and sense of adventure. This no agenda event coordinated each year has grown from 15 women in 2008 to 78 in 2014. When the dates were set and the message sent out, interest blossomed as the invitation spread to sisters and friends around the country.

Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect place for this gathering. People are intrigued by the Island and never dreamed they could one day visit. Women relax by the beach, shop, walk the neighborhoods and just ‘chill’ on the porch. Being there makes one slow down and un-wind. The nights in the house laughing, playing games, joining in inspiring discussions and enjoying a good meal are relaxing and fun.

Sisters & Friends Getaway is a trip where guests make their own respite agenda. That is why the vacation begins the Sunday after Labor Day when the pace is slow and the tourist crowd is reduced, and the island is quiet and serene.

We stay in vintage Vineyard homes within walking distance of each other in the historic Oak Bluffs. Each person shares a twin or triple bed room with a sisters or friends or alone in a single bed room.

With times so tough and many wanting to save and forgo vacation this is the perfect opportunity to get away, experience a wonderful place and join other women while not spending a lot of money. At week’s end most ask about the next year’s getaway.

Entrepreneur and Publisher Connie Portis is Host

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