SLAP CAPS: Slap on Your Satin Lined Cap!


IMG_3113So I just could not figure out why every winter I would end up having to get more of my hair cut off than I usually would have to during the previous months of the year. Sure, I have seen a lot of the Youtube videos talking about hair care and maintenance. I bought several satin pillow cases and even got a few of those silk head wraps that would usually come off before I would awake the next morning.

Below is one of the before and after photos of one of the times when I had to have about 3 inches of damage cut out the back of my hair. 

But there was one thing that I was doing that I obviously was not paying any attention to. I always wore winter hats and nothing was there to separate the harsh wool fabric from my fragile hair.  Years of this behavior resulted in very bad breakage at the back side of my head.

Below was my favorite go-to hat for long walks in the cold; but it was obviously attributing to the damage.

In comes SLAP to save the day! These sating lined hats were created to keep the wool from rubbing against your hair.

I usually where a scarf or wool cap to the gym, but the SLAP cap is so much better.

When I saw this SLAP cap product; I decided to give it a try. I ordered two, one in purple and one in grey; and will be ordering a beautiful turquoise that they carry. They are comfortable and quite cute.

Although they are a cotton fabric, my head did tend to get a little warm. When I worked out in one, the sweat made the cap very damp, which was a little uncomfortable. But, I do love how they look and find them quite convenient for a quick run to the store, or any other place where I may have otherwise thrown on a cap.

Some of the ladies in the video are shown wearing them in very stylish ways, so these SLAP caps can be worn as a fashion accessory as well.


Grace Eleyae is the Founder of SLAP caps

Her Story: My She Created the SLAP Cap

One secret for protecting your hair at night and avoiding a detangling nightmare in the morning is to sleep wearing a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. This applies to any long periods of time when the hair is directly exposed to harsh conditions such as extreme weather and moisture-absorbing cotton and other fabrics.

I saw this first hand in December of 2012, while in Africa. With my fine hair already weakened by the dry Kenyan heat, we went on a six-hour long excursion to the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. I spent 12 hours (roundtrip) with my head bouncing against a headrest that was composed of materials that basically sucked the moisture out of my already fragile strands. By the time I came back to the States three weeks later, my hair had completely broken off in the middle of my head — the place where my head rested for those twelve hours.

SLAPS provide a solution to that problem. These versatile, stylish caps were designed to combine style, comfort and functionality. The satin lining keeps the hair moisturized, protected, and even tangle-free when resting. The elastic band ensures it stays on your head whether you’re wearing it during the day, or through the night. And the cotton knit exterior allows you to be incognito on those days when you want to be as discreet as possible.

Visit their site:

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