Slide into a Pair of Mules

Mules happen to be one of my favorite style of shoes. They are simply open-heel shoes that can come in low, mid, or high heel. I am certain I have more than 6 pairs.  My very favorite mules come from Kate Spade .

I am particularly drawn to the suede, and I wear them virtually throughout the year-long; I wear them in the spring, summer and some of the fall.

Comfort is basically my style, which I  find very appealing. Black suede mules line my closet floor. I have them in horsehair, satin, leather and even a bedazzled pair. As enclosed footwear, they have a reputation for being a sexy shoe.

I wear mine with jeans, casual pants and a flirty skirt. I love low heel shoes because they fit me perfectly. I would suggest you go for the larger size because they make your heel look as if it’s coming over the toe.

Mules are great for traveling because they are versatile, and at the same time fashionable. I can’t think of anything that you can’t match with mules. For holidays, throw on a pair of mules with a pair of legging, topped with an oversized sweater to get that comfortable and chick look.

Flat or stiletto, I suggest you have at least a pair of these classically chic shoes in your wardrobe.

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