Spruce up Your Holiday Look with Essential Pieces You Already Have

The holiday season is always a great time to pull out those sparkly pieces to give your look a little pop and glow. But what you might be surprised about is how often these essential pieces are already a part of your wardrobe. From forgotten earrings to the shawl you only pull out on special occasions; your wardrobe has everything you need to take your look from everyday business casual to an evening soiree and Your Stylish Ways is here to tell you what to look for.

That Statement Necklace

Big bobbles, that necklace you never wear because it’s too “GAWTY” or “has too much going on”. Yes, that’s the one you want to pull out. It will look fantastic with your little black dress because it can be the start of your look. Pair a statement necklace with solid color blouses and all black looks to create a chic and simple holiday ensembles. If you need a few ideas, we’ve posted some affordable options below.


The Classic Brooch

Brooches aren’t what your grandmother used to wear. Okay, okay, maybe they are just like your grandmother used to wear, but they are a great way to revive coats, blazers, hats and scarves. Ola has some great examples of how you can add a broach to a nice black hat. You can even add them to the outside of your black blazer to give it a new and unique lift. My favorite is to cluster three to four small to medium sized pins with a theme. For example, if you like dogs, you can cluster a few different dog shaped broaches. For Thanksgiving have a horn of plenty, a Happy Thanksgiving, and maybe a pumpkin. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Add sparkle with a broach

The forgotten red dress

Unless you’re a Delta Sigma Theta or associated with the American Heart Association, chances are you don’t wear red on a regular basis. However, it’s likely you have at least one red dress or even a top in your closet. Pull it out and circulate it with EVERYTHING! These red pieces can be worn under a blazer for business meetings, with a leopard printed skirt, shoes for date night, or with a statement scarf for a cohesive look. Christmas, Kwanza and New Years are great times to wear this color as it represents wealth, royalty, and vivacity. The color sets the tone for a vibrant holiday attitude, so have fun with it!


What is that, Velvet?

This year’s holiday season pick is velvet. So, if you have a piece hanging out in the back of your closet or at the bottom of your drawer, now’s the time to give it a new life.  This soft and luxurious fabric is perfect for the season because of its warm and cozy feel. If it’s a top, bring it out and pair it with a satin or silk scarf and your black slacks or a pair of printed pants. If it’s a dress, choose a pair of black low dier tights and black pumps for a classic look. If it’s a pair of pants, wear them with everything! Velvet pieces are the perfect go-to for adding luxury to your look.

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