Stages with Ola Jackson: Debut of Our New Podcast


Cheryl Pullins:                       Iconic Personal Branding Strategist Award-winning International Speaker Creator, Momentum Academy      Founder, Bold Business Divas

Who hasn’t had a setback at some point in their life? It may be a business that you started, a career path that you strayed away from, or just life-goals that didn’t go as planned. Perhaps you’ve experienced a financial struggle that left you at a standstill.

So how do you get back on track; especially if you are a woman of “a certain age”? Join us for our debut podcast called, Stages with Ola Jackson, as we tackle some of the issues that we face as middle-aged African-American women and how we can get back on the path of pursuing our dreams.

Our host will be an iconic personal branding coach, Cheryl Pullins. We will discuss a strategy that can help you to reclaim your dreams, your goals and navigate through the stages of resetting your life.

The Podcast will be live on Thursday, December 6, from 6:30 – 7:00 pm. on Blogtalkradio at The call-in number is: Guest Call-in

(657) 383-0130.

Stages with Ola Jackson was created to address the issues and  concerns of middle-age women of color…the forgotten woman.

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