Just in Time for Spring: Steps to an Organized Closet


Steps To An Organized Closet –by Janet M Taylor

Organizing your closet can seem overwhelming, but if you develop a plan to tackle the project, the benefits will be the ability to find items you want to wear within seconds. The following are five steps to help you get started:

Step1: Take inventory. Take inventory of what is currently in your closet, what you plan to add from storage, and future purchases.

Step 2: Evaluate your current closet design. Ask yourself what you like and don’t like about your current system. For example, I no longer like to store my shoes in shoe boxes I would prefer to have them on shoe racks, so they are more visible.

Step 3: Learn to let go. Let go of what is in the closet and also items that you stored last season that you did not wear and probably will not wear this season. Can you still fit it? Do you still like it? It may help to donate to a women’s organization and know that your clothing is being appreciated by a woman who is truly in need.

Step 4: Develop your plan. Get out a piece of paper and create a design for your closet. It does not have to be perfect only you will see the design. Decide how your clothes will be hung. Do you need a double rod because you wear separates more than dresses? How many pairs of shoes do you need to make room for? Do you have several handbags? Once you have an idea of what items will remain, you can decide to use your existing system to organize your clothes, or you may decide it is time to make some modifications and either do it yourself or hire a closet designer.

Step 5: Get Organized. Categorize clothes by type and/or color. Utilize shoe boxes, bags, or racks to organize shoes. Use a variety of storage boxes and containers to store scarves, handbags, and hats.

Now that you have tackled the closet, you will be able to find clothes faster, and coordinate outfits like never before. Remember to schedule time at least twice a year to go through your closet using some of the steps above to keep you organized.

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Janet M. Taylor is a life strategist, professional organizer, speaker, and author with over 20 years of experience helping people get organized. If you are ready to get your life totally organized, visit her website at www.janetmtaylor.com

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  1. I love this article. I too, do not like storing shoes in a shoe box, I need to see the shoes. I do store them in box when they are out of season. I do separate my closet by article, but I wasn’t doing it by color as well. I am going to do that for now on. Wonderful article!

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