Summer Refreshers: Get rid of the carbonated, sugary drinks

Add a little juice to seltzer water

I know drinking water alone can be boring so I add fruit to my water and it’s become a fun project for me. Some fruits work wonders on your body and, as we all know, drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated and healthy. So, why not combine the two?

Get a mason jar to store your fruity water. You can get them cheap at the Dollar General stores for $1.00 each.  Or you can make a pitcher if you plan to drink plenty of fruit infused water each day. I say this because some fruits taste sour to me after sitting in water for long periods of time so I prefer to use the smaller mason jars and refresh them with water and fruit every other day. I call these “summer” drinks because you cannot get all fresh fruits in your winter months so take advantage this summer while you can.

Don’t forget your smoothies, but remember …fruit is also high in sugar.


Here’s some great ideas of combinations of fruits that pair up well together:

I love strawberries so it was my first choice to add to my water. By themselves, I really didn’t enjoy them in water so I came up with a nice combination of strawberries and cucumbers. The two infused into your water gives you a cool, crisp and refreshing taste.

One of the most popular fruity waters is adding lemons and limes. But because of the high acidity in both fruits, I suggest adding half of a lemon and half of a lime if using a small mason jar. But the powerful punch it gives will have your taste buds jumping with joy. Lemons are known to be good for keeping the digestive system running at its best. I enjoy adding both together, but I also love them separate in water. I still get that kick from each by themselves.

I don’t like blueberries by themselves, but added in foods or smoothies, I love them. I never thought to add in water until I saw a recipe for blueberry orange water. The longer I allowed the blueberries to mesh with the oranges, the better the flavor was to me. I could taste the sweetness of both fruits and one did not over power the other. This is one of my favorite summer drinks.

I love mint! Fresh mint is something I did not use until just a few years ago and I am in love with the flavor. So, it was no surprise when I began adding it to water. It gives it a cool taste and it seems to clean the pallet and throat.

I was surprised at how delicious fresh ginger tastes when added to water. Ginger is very pungent so be careful in how much you use. Using the right amount of ginger in water can be one of your favorites. It is also known to clean your digestive system and may help with shedding a couple of pounds! I love the smell of ginger so not only do I add to my water, I add to my tea, as well.

Infusing fruits to your water can be made into a fun project. Finding different fruits to pair up together and making your own concoctions of flavored waters and sharing on social media. Do your research as there are some fruits and herbs that are good for weight loss, moods, relaxation and other medical issues. If we can get these fruits in our systems on a daily basis through adding to water, this makes for a healthier and better YOU.

Important information:

  1. To get the maximum flavor, allow your fruits to sit in the water for at least a day. I would make them at night, throw in the fridge, then take to work.
  2. There is an expiration on fruity drinks. Depending on which fruits you use, most drinks, if refrigerated, can last 7 days.
  3. I am not an expert on this, nor did I seek advice from a doctor, but there are some fruits and herbs that do not do well with certain medications – so I would let my doctor know if you are using them in excess.

Send us some of your fruit infused recipes!

Story submitted by: Lisa Stevens

Lisa is an author and editor. You can purchase her books on Amazon.

YSWselfcare: Sugar has been known to have a negative effect on your skin and other health related issues. Do what you can to cut back. It may be hard to break the addiction, but well worth the effort.


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