Loving White Linen

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Loving White Linen

Loving White Linen

Loving White Linen

Loving White Linen

Loving White Linen

Loving White Linen
These tops are the most comfortable


It’s a sign of the official start of summer.  We can now bring out the white linen.
I love white linen; it’s one of my favorite fabrics.

I have a big bag of white linen items that I bring out of storage every year. The crisp white linen garments make me feel and look so cool and stylish.

Linen fabric will keep you cool in the summer, it is easy to maintain, travel with and store away.

Don’t let the fact that linen wrinkles  deter  you from adorning many of the stylish linen styles. One of the greatest things about linen is that you can purchase the fabric for next to nothing.  I opt to go to consignment stores to find linen items at unbelievably low prices.

Whether it’s something casual, for work or dress; linen is the must-have fabric for summer.

Every year somebody has an all-white party.  The photos above are from an event that I attended with several friends. The flow of white linen throughout the room varied from dressy pants, sophisticated suits to elegant dresses.


I make my own rule as to when I start and stop wearing white linen. I’m still stuck on the rule of not wearing linen before memorial day, and I do stop when summer is officially ends.  Keep in mind there is a difference between white clothing and white linen items. I love seeing women in their white attire in off-season months.


See stylish inspirations below. If the prices of some items are not to your liking, just duplicate the look.

We Love White Linen


Alice Olivia sheer dress
$665 – net-a-porter.com

Drawstring pants

Lipsy white skirt
$51 – lipsy.co.uk

High heel shoes
$21 – newchic.com

Gucci handbag
$1,665 – profilefashion.com

Kenneth Jay Lane necklace
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