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I am Rebecca McClain, founder of Swag That Bag LLC, an online luxury consignment boutique for buying and selling authentic, pre-loved handbags and accessories. It’s a venture I’m super excited about and honored to share how and why I made the transition from status quo and main stream to forming an “impractical” business that is truly fulfilling.

My passion for designer handbags began over 30 years ago when I bought a Gucci Boston Bag, my first high-end apparel purchase right out of college. This was during a time when Italian designers such as Celine, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin and others were unheard of to most in the USA. Gucci and Fendi were the “IT” brands of the day, at least in my metro area. From there my passion for luxury brands escalated to include clothing, shoes and other accessories.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since the early 1990’s while still working my corporate job during the day. By 2008 I had written two books and making the local circuit speaking to groups, when I decided that I wanted to take my moonlighting business to the next level. I came up with a 9-month exit strategy and action plan that included earning a coaching certification to add to my MBA. In June, 2008 I took a leap of faith, quit my 6-figure corporate job and launched my own coaching practice. For eight years I worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help grow them to the next level and enjoyed it immensely.

Nevertheless, depending upon your station in life, there comes a time when you stop and take an assessment of your life and ask, “Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?” If you’re under 40 years of age you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. It typically hits you between the mid-40’s and late-50’s. Of course, I’m aware that some people are looking forward to the ripe age of 62 or 65 so they can retire and collect their social security. I get that! However, we’re not all wired the same. When I look at women like Diana Ross, Patty Labelle, Joan Rivers and Hillary Clinton, I get inspired. I call them my she-roes because, like them, as long as I’m physically healthy and mentally strong I plan to continue making a mark in the world and building a legacy that I can pass on.

Upon reaching this crossroads I looked back over the past 30 plus years and realized that I’d done the status quo (corporate America) and main stream (coaching and consulting), but handbag? Nah! Given my professional background handbags just didn’t seem practical.

I was having lunch with my girlfriend and I opened up to her about what I would love do at this stage in my life, including my passion for fashion; handbags in particular. I also shared my reservations. Her response was, “Becky, do you!” I was immediately set free and hit the ground running. My advice to anyone with a dream or passion within your heart is to “Do You” because there is where your fulfillment lies.

I love beautiful, luxurious things, including handbags and accessories and I know I’m not alone. Swag That Bag is not simply about buying and selling handbags and accessories. It’s about happiness, confidence, significance, style and individuality. I’m super excited to have to opportunity to help create these experiences for men and women from all over the global.

What about you? Are you following your passion or the status quo?

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