Tamiah Bridgett – Teaching Women How to Love Their Hair

Tamiah Bridgett is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, PA. She is a proud graduate of the Pittsburgh Public School system. She received her B.A. from Carlow University and her MSW from the University of Pittsburgh. She studied to become a manicurist while in undergraduate school and graduated from Pittsburgh’s famed Pittsburgh Beauty Academy with outstanding achievement.

She worked as a manicurist to supplement her income while attending post-secondary college and graduate school. Tamiah worked as a licensed psychiatric social worker for several years and in her spare time, she enjoyed teaching women how to style and love their natural hair.

It was from these interactions that It’s a Natural Thang was Born (IANT). It’s a Natural Thang quickly became Pittsburgh’s premier natural hair meetup group. They have annual meet-ups where the attendees learn about new products, the uses of natural hair remedies, the benefits of natural hair care, while coming together to celebrate natural hair pride. They also encourage guest to bring products to share with the group.

The group is made up of women that support one another and encourage one another through the process of transitioning from straight hair to their natural state, while sharing their experiences of hair acceptance.

In 2012, Tamiah returned to cosmetology school full time and was licensed as a Cosmetology Instructor in the Summer of 2014.

Tamaiah’s It’s a Natural Thang Facebook group boast a membership of over 44,00 members.

Tamiah uses her background in social work and cosmetology to create a safe community conducive to sharing, learning and engaging each other in a conversation about the experiences of living naturally.

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