The Big Chop

I could never bear the feeling of the hot summer sizzling heat burning down on my scalp, and worrying whether the humidity would take my expensive hairstyle from fabulous to frizz. Managing my hair played a major role in my frustration with beating in the 90-degree plus sun beaming down on me.

Although I have been natural for over 12 years, I still put my hair through the blow dry and flat iron process. This year, I decided to beat the heat by avoiding any unnecessary hair maintenance. The quarantine – along with not being able to get to a salon was also a contributing factor in deciding to do another big chop.

I have not regretted my hair-chop for one second. Low-maintenance is a great incentive. The mere fact that I can just get up and get-go is an added plus. The cost of salon visits will certainly inspire me to continue on this TWA: Teenie Weenie Afro journey.

I was asked how long I plan to wear my hair in this style. I will probably let it evolve into a bigger natural look throughout the year. If you are on the fence and wondering if you too want to chop your hair-do, Go for it!

YSW Self-care: Don’t be so obsessed with your hair that you don’t make decisions that will leave you trapped because you are concerned about society. It’s your hair and nobody’s business. Be you! 


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