The Power of Black and White

IMG_1919There is something about an ensemble adorned with black and white. For those of us who simply love wearing black all year long; adding white to our look is what transitions our fall/winter favorite monotone black into the warmer weather seasons.

Black and white is a staple for the summer months, a color blend that I love. It is the contrast in hues that add so much style to the ensemble.

Can you think of any 2 colors that go together better than black and white?

I make no secret of the fact that I adore a pencil skirt, so I opt to replace my black pencil skirt that I wear during the fall and winter seasons with a nice white skirt that is equally flattering.

I purchased this blouse for only $2.00 at a flea market. It was one of my better purchases last year. I thought the tie was a little dated, but it ended up looking quite fashionable.


I accented the look with a Neiman Marcus purse that I found for only $24.00 at a consignment shop. The purse came with it’s own storage bag, so you know it wasn’t cheap.

The ultimate sophisticated handbag
The ultimate sophisticated handbag

A classic pair of black patent pumps completes the black and white theme. If you don’t have a pair of patent pumps, I suggest you make them a staple in your summer wardrobe.


Style is not a Price!

Keep in mind that you can wear black and white in the fall and winter; just opt for the heavier fabrics.

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