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The Smooth Alternative

Keep it healthy with a natural smoothie

The Smooth Alternative
Healthy Food - Smoothie

The Smooth Alternative
Healthy Food Smoothie

Committing to healthy eating.

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So who isn’t tempted to chug down some sugar every now and then while bypassing healthier choices? It is okay some times to let temptation have it’s way, but for most of us sugar addicts we have to try a little discipline.

A smoothie is a great alternative.  Smoothies comes in any flavor that you would like to make, and can be naturally sweetened. You can consume them for far less calories and you get to select the ingredients opposed to popping something in your mouth that has a host of products that you probably can’t even pronounce.

Smoothies seem to be the healthier choice, unless you begin to add high calorie foods. If you do, even a smoothie can be hazardous to your weight loss goals.

I prefer to make my own at home so that I can be sure of the ingredients. I have seen some of the labels on some smoothies that have just as many calories as a glass of soda.

So keep it simple and don’t pile on the extras so you won’t pile on the extra pounds.

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