Thrifting Thursdays – Thred Up Review

Just like Ola, I love a good deal and the joy of finding things at consignment and thrift stores. I even call myself the consignment maven for all the many ways in which I make my wardrobe pay. My most recent test drive was with Thred Up an online consignment and thrift store. I had a number of items in boxes waiting to be donated.

When I read about Thred Up’s buy first policy, I thought it might be good to send them some items to see what I could get in exchange. The truth is that donating them wasn’t going to get me any immediate income. When you sign up for a “Clean Out” bag they send you this cute polka-dot package with a postage paid envelope and directions about how to sell. On the back they even tell you what brands they are looking for. Although this is a handy guide depending on the condition they will take almost any brand in good/like new.


I filled the bag with about 30 new and gently used items and shipped it off. What I noticed is that they must be a little back-logged with processing these envelopes because I sent my bag in December and they sent me a message about receiving things but noted that it would be processed in February. Wew… what a wait time.

Once my bag was finally processed they sent me a noticed indicating what items they kept for sale as well as the links to where I could see them on the sight. They also sent me the exchange value. When your item sells you are also notified.

What I learned: sometimes some money is better than nothing at all, but I also learned that I could have made more if I had waited and consigned the pieces instead. For the 20 or so items they kept I was only paid a little less than $1 per piece. But when they listed it on their site, it was priced at so much more.

Next time: I’ll consign my better pieces with them because I noticed that all of my pieces started to sell immediately. As of right now I think there are only two items that have yet to be sold.

On Purchasing

You can decided if you want to cash out the value of your clean out bag or use that for Thred Up purchase credit. Since I’ve been in the market for a few spring dresses, I decided to take a look through the inventory to see if there was anything I wanted. I found this awesome lucky brand shirt dress.

New with tags! HELLO!!

Such a steal especially since it retails around $100. I paid a quarter of that at $22. I didn’t choose the premium shipping and I also was able to use a 10% promo they were pushing at the time. My package arrived in the cutest envelope I’d ever seen, just before Valentine’s Day. It was like a gift to myself. Thred Up really knows how to make you have an experience when purchasing your thrifted clothes.

On the inventory in general, I would say, If you see something you like do a little research on the brand and see how much that item normally retails and see if there are any fit reviews before making your purchase. Everything I’ve purchased from them has been in new or like new condition. I found some of my favorite designers and the items were a steal. I even noticed that Gwyennie Bee the shared closet subscription service had consigned a few of their pieces on the site as well.

What I learned: I still love to try the pieces on. Unfortunately the dress was a little too narrow in the hips and I had to return it.

The cool part is that I was able to utilize their return policy to give that a test drive as well. Thred Up gives you 14 days to return an item in the same condition in which you purchased it. You simply go online and start a return. They give you a shipping label you can attach to your item and then viola! You put it back in the packaging and send it off. They do have two options at check out, you can return the item with store credit and they will absorb the shipping or you can pay for the shipping up front and cash out.

If you have some time it’s worth the peek to see what you can find for yourself. They are a very thoughtful company and really offer an full experience which you don’t normally receive at a traditional thrift retailer. It’s also a great way to do a little something for the environment.

Happy Thrifting!


Jamila Taylor

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