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You may be tempted to just leave those little shampoo, soap and lotions samples behind, but remember the last time you tried to get on a plane and had to relinquish your favorite body products because you went over the limit?   Hotel samples are just the right size to get you on the airplane without you having to throw away your personal care items because you failed to adhere to the weight/size requirements.

Now, go ahead and help yourself to the freebies.

If you don’t like the sample products, you please donate them to a homeless shelter or a women’s shelter.


How often have you left your hotel room only to discover that you left your favorite earrings, you can’t find your iPad stylus or some other computer accessory? You know those times when you check in to your room and you simply want to get your clothes off and you throw every thing everywhere. Or when you check out in a hurry; feeling the need to continuously check under the bed and between the blankets.



Well, during a recent stay at a hotel I found some items in the room that were quite functional in helping me keep my small items organized, and in one place. I am guilty of having my jewelry on one nightstand, my office supplies somewhere else in the room and my cosmetics end up scattered across the counter top.

I found a simple solution to keep everything contained in one area, inside some repurposed items that I neither have to bring with me or take home when I leave.

Oh, to my delight, as I pondered over whether I could make it to the gym, I was happy to find a complimentary yoga matt in the closet. Make your travel safe and healthy.

Please feel free to share your travel tips.

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