Vintage Handbags to Enhance Your Accessory Wardrobe

I have loved vintage clothing since I was a little girl. When I would watch shows like Bewitched, the Donna Reed Show and Hazel, where the ladies just dressed so sophisticatedly, I was really drawn to the classic handbags.

A while back, I posted some vintage handbags on Facebook and the responses went over quite well.  So, I decided to show purses that I had purchased here in Pittsburgh where we have several vintage stores in the Ellsworth area of Shadyside.

I love this navy handbag. As old as it is, the gold trim has yet to show any  signs tarnish. The shape of this bag is what caught my eye. The classic style is so retro and adds to its uniqueness amongst today’s traditional purses.

This alligator bag is one of my favorites and for about $30.00, I thought it was a steal. These bags have many compartments and the quality is outstanding.

Although many of these purses aren’t as large as what we are used to seeing today, they can still fit a wallet, cellphone and a few cosmetics;  but an added gem is that many of them come with a change purse.

When I search for evening bags, usually they are extremely small…you can hardly fit any thing more than a lipstick and photo ID inside. But this long classic Peau de Soie clutch provides a fashionable look and is functional.

Some of these retro purses remind me of something my grandmother would carry to church. I can see this stylish brown clutch with a brown, beige, or taupe suit.

I would recommend that you take some time to go vintage shopping.  Especially if you desire something that’s unique – when you go to a vintage store you’re going to get one-of-a-kind items that can make your wardrobe pop.

YSW Tip: Put your purse in a purse bag. This is good to do to avoid getting scuff marks. I must put my purse inside of one because I have a tendency to toss the bags around and have noticed scuff marks.

YSWSelfcare: Just like a fine leather bag, take good care of yourself. Protect yourself the same way you care for your finest items. 


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  1. Ola, Great advice regarding purse bag! I am rough on purses that’s why I never invested in high-end designer bags. I just bought an Etienne Aigner bag and it came with a purse bag and I wondered why! Now I know! Thanks for the tip! I can now purchase high-end bags and not worry about scratching and scuffing them! Dianna

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