We’re Talking Wigs

I am really not a wig gal, but I like to have a little backup for those days when I just ain’t that into my hair. I want no fuss when I am in a rush.

This particular wig is from LuVme. I purchased it as a result of an ad I saw on social media. When it arrived, it was a little longer than I wanted and much too shiny. I do like the basic Bob style, I like a wig that looks natural. 

I’ll try it for a while… and determine whether I will keep it.

I prefer a wig that doesn’t look too “wiggy”, too straight, or too shiny. I also prefer to have a wig that looks a lot like my own hairstyle, which is a bob.

Wigs come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and prices. Think about it; the price of some wigs is equivalent to what you can pay for one salon visit – for a basic wash and style.

The difference is that wigs give you more wear. You can keep a good wig for years, which is what I did with my big curly afro style wig.

I have also been known to give wigs away not long after I purchased them.

My favorite wigs are these 2: One big natural and another afro puff.

YSW Self-care: We are a hair-obsessed society. Don’t let your hairstyles be determined by your need to fit in and be excepted. Be you, girl!


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