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True Confession: I’m guilty of sometimes being too exhausted to thoroughly remove my makeup before going to bed. And, girl, did I pay for it the following day with dull, lackluster skin?

I love makeup wipes, but many of them have a strong fragrance. I am allergic to most fragrances, so other brands were not even a consideration.

I came across a brand called Cala during a visit to a close-out sale at the store Tuesday Mornings, and they have been a game changer! I love the brand because it’s completely fragrance-free and effortlessly removes all the cosmetics off my skin, including my stubborn mascara. 

As I embark on a more effective skincare routine, these wipes are a perfect reminder to clean my face thoroughly even when I don’t feel like it.

Makeup Tools: Hexagon 2pcs Magic Foundation Makeup Brushes And 2pcs Sponge Egg Set Makeup Sponge Set – Durable Makeup Tools

Good make-up looks even better when you have the proper tools to apply it. The right tools make all the difference when applying makeup and experimenting with different cosmetic applicators. It has been suggested that you use your hands to apply your foundation, but that doesn’t work for me.

I found these Hexagon 2pcs Magic Foundation Makeup Brushes online. The brushes did a good job of applying both my foundation and my powder. I love the wedge-shaped sponges to get in the corners of my eyes and around hard-to-reach areas near my nose.

Keep checking in on our What Ola Likes! posts for more products that we love. Below is a link to another post on makeup that you might like.


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