What Ola Likes! The Skin I’m In!

Several years ago I started getting moles on my face. One day  I was listening to Dr. Winer’s radio show and he was talking about the Miracle II products which come in a cleanser, cleanser with moisturizer, plain moisturizer and gel. He suggested that these products aid in the removal of moles. I was familiar with Dr. Winer because my husband and I had visited his office in Crafton, PA several times.

I purchased the product and, after using it for about a month, I did see a reduction. The moles didn’t totally disappear, but were reduced;especially a major one that bothered me the most. Since I was satisfied with the outcome, I stopped using the products.

A few months ago Istarted to see them re-appear. So, I plan on giving it another try. Although, I am chronically allergic to fragrances, I still tolerate the slight smellof the cleanser. These products are not very expensive and will last awhile.

So, give them a try and then let us know what you think.

You can purchase them online orat Dr. Winer’s Office. You can also order from him online,as well.



This is not a before and after (same photo of above)



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