When in Doubt, Wear Red Lipstick

Nothing makes my lips pop like red lipstick
Red lips look great next to grey and is a stylish accent coordinated against white.
Red hot and Sassy. I prefer the matte



  1. At home due to covid, don’t go out in public, how do you keep yourself looking good during this time. Worn no lipstick for months (can’t be seen under masks). Should I just wear it at home for myself?

    Not working, Currently wearing braids at home. What to do about the hair

    1. Hi Luverna,

      I have Zoom meetings and I do short videos for my blog and Instagram. I also wear braids; wash my hair every Sunday and put 4 cornrows. When I am taping I wear a wig

      As far as around the house, I stick with my skincare and exercise routine, so that I won’t get off track. I also purchased some casual wear so I don’t feel or look rundown.

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