Where’d You Get Those Sneakers!

Nowadays, they’re not just for working out or a quick run to the grocery store;  today’s sneakers are looking comfortable and more stylish.

Check the store shelves and you will see a variety of tennis shoes that will be popular for spring/summer, 2018. Whether you want a basic tie-up, a slip on, or even some glitter -there are many options to fit every shoe lover’s taste. I’ve seen them in print, basket weave and polka dots.

Although, my personal preference is to wear mine with jeans or leggings paired with a blazer, I saw many different ensembles accented with what may be the hottest shoe this season. The price is right because you can find them in every price point.

I have found that many of the shoes run in whole sizes only, so I opted to go a size up.  You can choose from avariety of colors, styles and patterns. I suggest you be a little daring and try some of the prints and bold colors. You don’t have to play it safe when the prices are so low; pick a few pairs to add a little pizzazz to your casual collection of sporty wear.

For a little variety, you can pick a pair of platforms orforgo withthe tie-ups and buy a pair of slip-ons. Why not take your shoe wardrobe up a notch by adding a pair of silver, pewter, gold or bronze metallic.

Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and DSW are just a few of the storeswhere I have seen a large selection. Check any of them out today and start exploring your new look!


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