It’s a Wrap: Try a Big Scarf!


Something as simple as a scarf could really complete a look. The right scarf can accent what could otherwise be a simple ensemble.

I used to only wear scarves to keep my neck warm until a friend gave me a long scarf that turned out to be more than just a cozy accessory to fight off the chill. We were celebrating another friend’s birthday as a part of a spa day affair. The host gave all of us a circular floral scarve as a gift.

I found my scarf to be quite stylish and it served as more than just a winter cover-up. It was bright enough to match almost everything in my wardrobe. It was lightweight and cotton and I found it to be suitable for all year round. The scarf really pulled together a casual or dressy look. It tended to make my ensemble look much more stylish; even when worn with a blazer and jeans, it was an attention grabbing outfit. 

Just purchased this scarf for a few dollars at a thrift shop. It will cost more for me to have it cleaned that what I paid for it.

So, if you had to pick one accessory to add to your “must-have” items….a scarf is the “it” garment. Make sure you pick a fabric that is seasonal unless your main purpose is warmth.

You can find the scarves for a little as a couple dollars in a thrift shop to as much as $10.00 at a discount retailer to $30.00 and up in a regular shop.

Although I prefer the solid colors, you might want to add some diversity to your choices.  If you get the lightweight you can wash by hand or in a gentle cycle. Remember most wools; even in a scarf has to be dry cleaned.

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