Yes, At My Age: Sandra Edmonds- Pierce Proves it is Never Too Late

  •  So, I have known my great friend, Sandra Edmonds- Pierce, for decades.

She is known for being friendly and kind. I, personally, knew she was sharp and I could see that she was always evolving.  But, what I didn’t know was that she would turn into such a go-getter later in life when it came to keeping up with her health and vitality.

That might be because she committed to being well and living well. She has been working out like a maniac and posting many of her milestones on social media for those of a certain age to, either envy, or be inspired.

She’s been running marathons, participating in early morning jogs and has made visits to the gym a regular routine. Although she has always been slender and fit; her new healthy lifestyle has taken her on a mission to do even better than before.

At the age of 67, she has proven that it is never too late to take your health and wellness into your own hands. Her new found adventure has her traveling across the country to enter marathon races and bringing home trophies and medals.

She is dedicated to creating goals and reaching milestones while being an inspiration to women of a certain age; even to those half her age.

I was so glad to hear that she was paying attention to our post when we started telling women to start each day by doing something for yourself.  The ritual can change your routing, can change your way of thinking, can change your life behavior and can eventually change your life.


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