Refresh and Restyle Your Home for Fall

When we moved into our house almost 15 years ago, taupe was the popular color used to decorate. I remember binge-watching HGTV, and the dominant colors of choice were muted tones of taupe, grey, and brown.

So, what’s a loyal viewer to do? Follow the color pallets of my favorite shows.

I am used to wearing dark colors because I love the look of sophistication and versatility of darker hues. My clothing preference was transferred to my home color selections. Eventually, I became bored with the duller shades.

Although it is much too expensive to switch out the furniture, adding color by transforming my home accessories was a whole lot easier.

In comes the spray paint. I am obsessed with spray paint because I can transform almost anything. I take items from other rooms, spray paint them, then transfer them to another room. Additionally, I used items that I would have usually thrown away; I altered their color and used them in another room and for another purpose. 

Here are 5 YSW Home Transformation Tips:

1. Instead of regifting items that you don’t necessarily like. Ask yourself if you could spray paint it and repurpose it in your garden or another room in your home. Pictured is a candleholder vase that I would have otherwise thrown out, but I spray-painted it instead.

2.  I needed to coordinate something in my dining room to match the colors in my curtains, so I purchased a green vase from a thrift shop. I found a burgundy lamp shade and pulled the two colors together; now, they coordinate with my color theme for my dining room. 

3. Don’t forget those chair covers. Not only do they save your chairs from wear and tear, but they also give you creative options. Sometimes, I want to appreciate the original pattern on the chairs, and other times, I like to switch it up with these easy-fit stretch chair covers.

4. I love hardwood floors, but I don’t like my chair legs sliding when I sit down. With these grippers, the chairs stay in place and are protected from getting hit by the vacuum cleaner and dusters. 

5. Of course, flowers are the most beautiful way to brighten up any room. Don’t wait for someone to hand you your favorite bouquet. Darling, go buy your own, or better yet…start a garden.


  1. Great job! I love the red chest! I love home improvement projects. I don’t love spray paint but I guess I could have re-used something I gave away in another room! Great ideas!

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