Your Stylish Ways Last Minute Gift ideas – What Ola Likes!

Okay Ladies, I like to keep it simple. I like to keep it practical and I also like to consider gifts that are function…particularly those items that our readers are likely to utilize.

We’re saving you some time. We found 10 great ideas that are practical, inexpensive, functional and could fit the taste, attitude and style of someone you know. Check it out.

Let me start with my first love. If you follow me on social media, I have made it no secret of my love for these Slap Caps.  Summer, winter, spring or fall, these caps can keep you warm, comfortable and a little stylish at the same time while protecting your hair from the harsh treatment that your hair coming in contact with wool can have.

  1. Slap Caps


We are an Amazon affilate. Below is a link to similiar and less expensive hats:

2. Leggings

They are comfortable, affordable, functional and can be stylish. Not just for working out anymore. You can pick up a variety of colors and sizes.

3.  E-Ma Body Butter

The richness, the fragrance and the texture makes for a great combination for the ingredient you need for winter cracked skin.

E-MA Body Lotion
E-MA Body Lotion

4. Scarves

It’s the garment that fits all sizes. A scarf is a functional gift item that can be suitable for any one. You can opt for a colorful accessory to be sure that it matches almost any item in someone’s wardrobe.


5. Two-sided Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, there is no greater gift that fits us all.  There is not a woman out there that can’t use a two-sided magnifying mirror. Whether she uses it for everyday make-up application or to place those often hard to apply eyelashes, this mirror can do wonders for a woman trying to shape her eyebrows or getting rid of unwanted hairs.


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