YSW: 10 Things to Do While in the Q!

By now you might be feeling bored, feeling blue or even a little confused about the pandemic lockdown. I have found that occupying my time in performing tasks that show great results help me get out of the stuck-at- home slump. If you are like many of your homebound sisters, you may know you need to do “something”, but you simply don’t have any idea of  “what” to do.

Or, you have run out of motivation to even consider doing anything else other than worry yourself into a depression.

The heightened anxiety makes it even more important to take care of your emotional health and mental well-being.

  1. _____________Check Out Your Make-up Drawer_______________

I took some time to go through my containers full of make-up. I realized I had make-up products that I have not used in months; nor did I need them. Who needs five mascaras, 10 lipsticks and a variety of eyeliners in the same color?

Now is the time to rid yourself of those unnecessary items that once brought you joy, but now considered junk.

  1. __________________Closet Cleanse________________________________

My very first self-quarantine task included clearing out my closet. I moved the winter clothes to the attic and transferred clothes that were out of season, yet I seldom wore into another closet.  I gathered shoes that needed to be repaired and reorganized them by color and those that I would most likely wear most often.

I also separated clothes that I would give away from other items that I could dispose of on consignment sites. I placed my good handbags in individual cloth bags to prevent them from getting scuffed up, and I implemented hooks to hang other purses. Go to our link to see what is on sale.

  1. ________________________Office Space_________________________

My office was a mess with papers piled on top of each other. I seldom used my office because the piles of paper interfered with my ability to focus.

The self-distancing dilemma inspired me to tackle the piles. I purchased a shredder, incorporated the help of my son, and proceeded to sort through files where I discovered documents from over 20 years ago.

I made paper shredding a family affair. I felt as if an immense load had been shredded off of me as each page was cut into tiny pieces of confetti.

  1. __________________________Work it Out!___________________________

Now is not the time to make excuses. If you follow our YSW blog, you will know that one of our mantras is to start each day by doing something for yourself.

A 10-minute mediation, a 15-minute power stretch, or a 20-minute yoga session with a YouTube video can go a long way to eliminate stress, reduce anxiety, and increase your stamina. You need to feel that you deserve it and to know that you have earned the right to make yourself a priority.

I take one and a half-hour walks in my neighborhood very early in the morning when very few people are out. I also set-up a makeshift gym in my garage by using little things around the house that can substitute workout tools.

I use the stairs to complete my step up, jump rope in my backyard and even use a hula hoop.

  1. ___________________In the Yard or Garden_______________________

If you are fortunate to have access to a yard, then, by all means, head out to the patio, the porch, or where ever you can and graciously take in some outdoor air. Consider taking your laptop to the outdoors for a change of environment.

The next time you are out on an emergency run to the store, see if you can pick up some flowers or a nice plant that can remind you that life stills blooms even in the gloomiest of days.

  1. ____________________. Order Out____________________________________

Eating in doesn’t always give you a variety of options that you get when someone else is doing the cooking and let’s face it, you can simply get tired of cooking.  You deserve a break and a treat. Even with finances being a little uncertain, you deserve to treat yourself. I will be ordering my first home delivery this week.

  1. _________________Shop but Don’t Drop_____________________________

Gift yourself with something special. Go ahead and use a little online shopping therapy if you can. What about a new lipstick or a book to pass the time away while also finding enjoyment as you escape the ultimate reality of your present situation?

It is okay to indulge in a guilty pleasure.

  1. _______Entertainment: Dance as if No One is Looking______

Entertainment may be one of the things that you miss the most. If you don’t have the desire to engage in board games with family members, look for one of the many online concerts and dance challenges on social media.

It can be a challenge to entertain without any guests, but there are many Facebook Live presentations and gatherings. Whatever you do, do NOT allow yourself to get used to feeling isolated.

  1. ___________Get Your Financial House in Order_________________

If nothing else, this pandemic crisis has reminded many of us that we need to have our financial house in order. So many people were simply caught off guard by this pandemic. Studies show many Americans do not have enough emergency savings to even address a $400.00 car repair.

This should be a wake-up call for anyone, even if you feel you are financially sound for now, and you still have your job. As my mother used to say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

These are challenging times with an uncertain future. Start looking at those financial issues that you can simply live without. Do you need all those cable channels? How many tubes of lipsticks do you need since you only have one pair of lips, and they are now covered by a face mask?

Take a look at your monthly subscriptions. They may look small when you look at them monthly, but add them up yearly and have a more realistic bigger picture of what is falling out of your wallet.

No, it is not a time to make yourself miserable, but it is a time to get more motivated just in case there is another unexpected crisis.

  1. _________Social Media and Television____________________________

Back away from too much social media and News programs. Indeed, we need to be informed about the status of what is going on with the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, we are on information overload, and some information has proven to be incorrect or questionable. This may be too much for your brain to take in at one time and can be stressful and overwhelming.

Choose some news outlets and social media platforms with a messenger that you trust. Additionally, consider a time of day for you to peruse the news and the Internet, then stay away until the next day.

There may be some blogs that you feel give you inspirational messages and stories that can encourage you through the chaos of your life for now.

Please keep in mind that if you begin to feel as if you simply cannot cope call up friends and family to talk it out, or seek professional help.



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