Style Transformation: Repurpose and Restyle

So what does a girl wear when the weather is in transition and she has a speaking engagement? Well, it was too warm to wear a summer garment and it was too bright and sunny to go straight into a fall ensemble. So I mixed it up a bit.

I found this little scarf at a thrift shop some time ago and knew it had the potential to take a basic dress or suit up a notch. There is something about having something fury around your neck that adds a bit of elegance. I couldn’t believe I pondered for so long over whether to make this purchase of  $2.25.

Of course, shoes can make or break a look, so to add a little more “pop” to the finished wardrobe capsule I wore these animal print shoes. Pointy toe, open side shoes are my favorite style of shoe because they add so much sophistication to the “Your Stylish Ways” look.

Although the print on the large bag didn’t match the shoe, they did coordinate enough and added function, since I had lots of stuff to carry and wanted to carry all my items in style.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. You may not have thought that you would ever pair animal print and tortoiseshell.


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