YSW Footwear News: If the shoe fits!

One of the first things you want to do to make a wardrobe transformation is to take a good look at your shoes to see if they are still in good condition.

I love shoes, I really do. I think shoes make the ensemble. I believe women are always looking to see what kind of shoes other women are wearing. To be honest…I check out the shoes first!

But I have to say I have neglected the care of some of my shoes. There are times when I try putting on a pair of shoes that I have not worn in a while only to find that although my feet have not grown; some of the shoes, which are the same size…no longer fit.


In the past, I simply gave away the uncomfortable shoes. Now I don’t have to after I discovered the Forme’ Shoe Shaper, I came across the solution to holding on to some of my most stylish footwear.

  1. After you insert into the shoe.
  2. Press button down and forward to expand the wings. If you see ridges on the outside of the shoes, merely pull the wings back.
  3. Slide handle down and nest in the heel area. Check after an hour or use overnight for more comfort.
  4. Use in ALL shoe styles.

I am head over heels about these shoe shapers. If you are a shoe lover or a confirmed shoe addict, Forme’s are worth the investment. 

Order yours TODAY! https://formecomfort.com


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