We support women-owned businesses; especially those that specialize in self-care and great lifestyle brands. Check out these female entrepreneurs and do your part to inspire women business owners.

Company: Unforgettable Pouch

This pouch should be your go-to-bag for style, sophistication, and simplicity. This popular quilted bag is small and elegant; yet very functional with its multiple compartments. They are running a holiday special, click on the link for more details. https://www.facebook.com/2246931002292302/posts/2872661569719239/

Company: Onyx Woman Merchandise

Onyx Woman merchandise is a spin-off of Onyx Woman magazine, a business magazine for African-American women. Whether a tote bag, naturally beautiful scarves, or a Cooking in a Crunch grocery bag, the items were created to give women their own signature identity.  $OnyxWoman

Mugs   $15.00                                             Naturally Beautiful Scarf                $13.00  

Onyx Woman Tote bags $7.00               Cooking in a Crunch Grocery bag  $10.00        

Company: doTerra

Company: My Sister’s Crown

Hand made styrofoam planters. Can be used for indoor plants, artificial flowers, or plants or just to beautify your home, retail space, or office. $35 for pickup. Add $11 for shipping. Go to this link to purchase. https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=my%20sisters%20crown