YSW Quarantine Home: Repurpose Your Decor Accessories

Give a girl a can of spray paint and she just might lose her mind. Instead of throwing items in the trash, determine if they can be used in another way and in another room. What about another color?

Incorporate some changes by changing the color to match another color scheme in another part of your house.


This looks like a beat up drawer tray ready to be thrown out, but imagine it as an organizer in an office, or extra room.  This item can have multiple uses. I use it in my spare bedroom where it houses a remote control, ink pens, note pads and some extras that I need to be easily accessible, 

Here you have a trash pale that used to be pink, now it is popping scarlet red. 

When it was pink, it didn’t match, nor did it coordinate with anything.

This is a wire basket. I love the leafy pattern that adorns this item that is now even more accentuated by the spray paint. You can throw in a napkins

Yes, this is a nut cracker. I had absolutely no use for this. I first painted it gold, then I painted it silver.

You can either place this in the middle of a table with flowers, or place them in the garden and add your favorite floral arrangement to give your colorless garden some pizzazz.
Imagine at the closing of summer and all of your plants have already



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