2021 YSW Self-care Gift Ideas

  1. Finishing Touch Flawless

I have 3 of these. One in the car, one in my purse, and one in the house. They really do work and they are painless.

We are Amazon affiliates. To purchase, click on the link below.

Check-in each week as add new products and services for the evolving woman who asks, “What about me?”

Need some great advice on other ideas to help remove hair; check out these women who share what works for them?



2. Coffee Time

I should have purchased a Keurig a long time ago. They are very convenient and cost-effective, and they don’t take up much space in your kitchen.

Pick yours up today. We are Amazon affiliates, so just click your way to a wonder self-care experience of sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying some me-time.


3. My days of using regular blankets are over. I am in love with quilts, they are cool, they are comfortable and they make for great accent pieces.




4, Teeth Whitener

Here is the product that you may have seen on our Instagram post. I  damaged my teeth by using a prescription product for my gums. For almost 2 years, my teeth were badly stained until I used 100% Activated Organic Charcoal Teeth Whitener.



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