YSW Home Decor Tip: Enhance Your Home Accessories by Repurposing

Isolation can provide you with an opportunity to be creative and innovative while sprucing up the place you will be on lockdown in at least for a little while.

Just like your wardrobe, your home accessories can help you achieve a desired look. Do not throw away that broken mug or water pitcher. You can add flowers and turn them into a vase. I love the water pitcher that I have been using for years. When it broke, I found another use for it.


You can also repurpose that broken mug. Place a plant inside.  Adding flowers to a colorful cup can brighten up a small space or add a splash of color to a room that needs a little pop. Or consider placing a cactus plant in your mugs and place on your patio. No need to purchase a new vase when you can repurpose what you already have.


A neighbor posted a note on our community bulletin board that she was giving away this crock. I love pottery, so off I went to claim my porch accessory. I made it pop a little by adding my favorite chartreuse color. I have seen many large pots sitting on patios, in yards, and on porches, but never have I seen a 2-tone pattern.

Make it easy by using a can of spray paint. Use tape to separate the colors.


I took 2 brass pots that I purchased from a construction store and spray painted them gold. They are placed at the entrance of my door to accent our gated screen entryway. They usually get dull from the dirt and harsh weather, so every year I have to re-paint them.


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