YSW: Tuesday Tips – Repurpose Your Make-up Holder


I first heard about this tip from organizing guru, Janet Taylor. I thought I was creating my own functional make-up holder when I first used this cleaning supply caddy. It had just the right compartments that were the right size for every make-up tool.

IMG_0481When I saw this utensil organizer it inspired me to transition into a new way of storing my make-up tools. I found the size of the compartment to fit perfectly for make-up brushes.  There were smaller areas that allowed me to place eye shadows and another section for blushes; and even my larger compacts had a place to comfortably rest.

Replacing this item with my past holder enables me to see my products much better.

The best thing was that I can slide the holder in my vanity and it fits just perfectly.  You can go to any store and pick this up. Mine is in wood, but a plastic one will do just fine.  I found it for a couple dollars. It is very functional!

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Fits perfectly in my Vanity


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