YSW Unboxed!

So, I am a  lot like many of you over this quarantine in your home quarters making some purchases to pass the time away.

Item: Slepia Bamboo Pillows

Store: Amazon


YSW: 5 Stars

During the COVID I have been spending a lot of time doing work on my laptop in the comfort of my bed.  Resting against a firm comfortable pillow is a must.  So, when I asked my Facebook friends to advise me on a comfortable pillow, this Bamboo pillow won hands down.


Item: Bell Howell

Store: Walgreens

Price: $19.99

YSW Stars: 5

The power in my house goes off just about every other month.  This is the brightest light that I have ever purchased.  It fully lights up an entire room and an entire closet!  Best purchase ever!


 Store: Birkenstock (Online)

Price: $135.00

YSW Stars: 5

This is my third pair of Birkenstock shoes. The last 2 pairs lasted for about 6 or 7 years.  I once had plantar fasciitis.  Although I was prescribed medication, I opted out and decided to wear these heavily arched, and extremely comfortable shoes instead.


Store: Azazie (Online)

Price: $37.00

YSW Stars: 5

You can do a dozen or more different looks with this dress, and if you tune in next week, I will show you just how to do it.  As you can tell, it is extremely inexpensive, yet very versatile.  I especially love the mermaid silhouette, which is great to give your body an hourglass illusion.


Store: Sweet Inspirations

Price: $12.00

YSW Stars: 5

My favorite desserts happen to be chocolate chip cookies. My friend Jarene and Dr. Renee Galloway are the cookie baking queens. Dr. Renee is the owner of Sweet Inspirations, and these are her delicious cookies.

Do you have a product that you would like us to unbox?  

Contact us at ola@yourstylishways.com


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