YSW Wants Boomers to Reconnect with Old Friends

 Reconnect with Old Friends

This year I will be joining the 60’s club. We will celebrate this milestone for many of my fellow boomers by launching  a section listing 60 suggestions for what the midlife and thriving generation should do while journeying through their mid-years.

One of the things that I suggest is for you to reconnect with old friends. Your social circles don’t perpetually  have to remain the same, nor intertwine old, new and re-established relationships. Over the years, I have realized that friends are like a kaleidoscope…they take on different shapes and colors in your life and are uniquely intriguing  in various ways. They are a mixture of varying moving parts that come together to create the sum of what should be a beautiful experience in your life.

I have not seen my friend Selene Richardson in about 2 decades. We were more like casual friends than close buddies, but the mutual admiration kept us interesting and interested in one another’s lives to periodically exchange photos of our kids and catch up on family and business matters via social media, along with many promised lunch commitments.

We were able to physically re-connect a few weeks ago over a lovely  lunch in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. We recounted  stories about our kids, now grown, our husbands and the new communities that we relocated to since we last saw one another.

We talked a lot about how we had evolved personally and professionally; and discussed our plans for the future. I was incredibly  proud of her accomplishments and how well she had embraced motherhood to raise 2 awesome kids who grew up to be phenomenal young adults, while she sustained a 27-year marriage and growing an outstandingly successful career.

If you get the chance to rekindle old friendships, reach out to people that you have lost touch with. I have found that friendship and nurturing relationships can be vital to your well-being as you age.

Selene and I were on a similar mission, one that I had embarked on  decades ago which involved self-care, but I enjoyed having the company of some else who is like-minded to come along for the ride and offer up some fresh ideas.  Self-care seemed to be a renewed priority for Selene, but  after decades I  became a seasoned self-care advocate.

Therefore, I was the one sharing very early bird wake-up call reminding her to get up and get moving. And she had creative new fitness ideas for us to implement. I loved the intermittent eating plan that she suggested, and she also invited me to a plank challenge. I was gamed, ready and willing!

Old-time friends and creative ideas represent a successful combination of renewed beginnings. Another thing that Selene and I did share in common is our love for personal privacy. Like me, she works from home, but my career as a business owner and communications professional, requires me to experience  a more social life; sometimes more than I want to.

Going down memory lane can be a happy experience. The laughs, the smiles, the joys, and even the shared sorrows created a very welcoming exchange. Selene had just lost her father, and my grandmother and namesake had recently passed away as well.

Ending our lunch with a cute selfie and no expectations that we would ride off into the sunset vacationing together, going on a shopping excursion or disclosing our deepest, darkest secrets, but we did realize that we had more in common than even we had realized; and a commitment to never let the time pass for so long again. And if a shopping excursions happens, well…I’m gamed, willing and able!

My regret was we had not followed up on those lunch meetings earlier. My advice to you…life goes so quickly, and we have more days behind us than we do in front of us, so call that friend and reconnect.

YSWSelfcare: Find the joy in friendships that matter. Tell us about your experiences reuniting with old friends.


  1. I’m on my Reconnect With Old Friends journey as we speak. I’ve reconnected with 4 of my friends this week. I have a breakfast/shopping date scheduled. Lunch date scheduled at my house, a dinner date location confirmed, and waiting to schedule the date & time. Once my other friend get back in town after visiting with her daughter, I am going to have her over for lunch.
    This is the beginning of my journey, I can’t wait to reconnect with my life long friends that I haven’t been in touch with over the years. I’m looking for you Old Time Friend!!!

    Thank you, Ola. I admire all that you do!


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